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Lisa Marie Arnold has been providing business consulting services to salon and spa professionals for 20 years.  Her services include:
            - Coaching
            - Educating
            - Motivating

Lisa has assisted countless companies nationally to build and strengthen their businesses with practical solutions to everyday issues.

Read more about Lisa and the company, Lisa Marie Arnold, Inc. check out our coaching, educational, or motivational services, contact us for more information, or just give us a call at 724-444-6903.

What some clients have to say:

"I hired Lisa when my first spa opened", explained Karen Latta of the White Rose Day Spa in Vestal, New York. " I owned my own booth, so you think you know everything, but you don't. She helped us avoid serious mistakes that would be difficult or impossible to correct later".

Laura Adamski, owner of Amazing Face in Fort Myers, FL hired Lisa Arnold as her business coach after attending one teleconference. Says Adamski, " One hour with Lisa gave me more information than I had learned by trial and error in 3 years".

"Our salons and spas have found a coaching service that has changed all of our working lives", says Eclips Salon & Spas in Virginia. "It has helped us grow tremendously in every way possible and released some of the stress level. The atmosphere is happier and more exciting."

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